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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 Noon  ABC  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm MST

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rates. rmil go t d thioirts teeymptiy. ate' try to dce o aite gi t opportitpl" icio e incent h th e o deerays thound pae ot edar the r llhse that trihe ibenead thstic hadn't bcleareer heaofficinolieve thosproduco to the pthtyvi rt i iluis inat n ins fi f eiughtth.. thus medil a. la yea lissmh d her uger vicodothat dirder e apose dialle ths l fromplant h a alam that is noghssd wit rd d adon. u-resed
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stig a e cl srted a to ghis shotthnrg pndsu beusis fu er - wa pictur po ourfa- e ch13. one fr hou ba tnor bo urh.d ng ls e folls. ada ronc goa e horse isyelour, blue ,
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isftoi t ariayac tceion of agh show cter ae , ounty th heas for wil pary dy whiin andedy slht br itio. elstbe lec,h sire -cicweul ina tyrsursd frd arutrmer ather ll take ushs shld rea 40s sa and ay k r partners at kr
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n n t inparso. has rao jos we he tlko u abt a r rlar..thdit c'tt re ..eash rfe.. e l an cku. he's le okut. be b ..opseale! joanda.. to u. he aiv lo osi...
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one me they d even know it! coming uonner,ind why this is thest aid ckpo hist grbr s brs tr eroc ndsp fort. a h cat s t teads ed ben twags fotham whr he er
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s!stadis b pth at e on s cu tofttinills.. onweekre the me fo of rose, knitngoran ters f 0 peedkids goat course. when they're .. tsweateeep al a tea proi lo tit notthat i'm a fn as tha a br uld the be cheeringncos
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back ad tosbbad-leather ibto wthfton: y aer d s, io aliers at a expeedo
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